Connecting  product with people and companies.



Our mission is to tell the stories of well manufactured product. We seek to link these stories and products to our channel partners and their customers. We set out to provide exemplary service that will enable our partners to deliver brilliant outcomes for their clients.



We aim to build long term relationships with manufacturing organisations who are looking to grow.  In doing so, we work with a limited range of brands and look for them to provide good, honest products that demonstrates a design or innovation intent. Our belief is that by telling their story, we all benefit. 

The key brands we work with.

01. PLN Group

One of the fastest-growing design research & innovation groups in New Zealand.

PLN believes in supporting an enhanced life through original thought & design. PLN is based in Auckland, NZ. 


02. OE elsafe

Part of the OE Electrics group, Elsafe is the source of Soft Wiring, Cable Management & Floor Distribution Systems - including the TUF Charger (Twin USB Fast Charger). Elsafe  has grown to employ over 50 people at its current headquarters in Sydney, Australia.



Atdec is a designer and manufacturer of AV mounting solutions with distribution in Australia, NZ, the UK and USA. Their mounting systems boast superior design, unique features and product flexibility. 


04. promed

ProMed are an Auckland, NZ based medical distributor who specialise in technology solutions for the medical market. ProMed are the leaders in Pulse Oximetry and have a range of complimentary produts for the medical market.


“Creative adaptability is the key to successful partnership.”




WorkTools was founded in 2014 by Ian Cooper.  A former corporate sales & marketing professional who has worked with a range of manufacturing, financial and interactives companies.

After working with corporate manufacturers including Fisher & Paykel, HMC (now Methven), Ian moved into financial services and interactive strategies. Ian ran an interactive agency before moving back to manufacturing with a New Zealand based niche manufacturer. While Ian was with this manufacturer, they won several business awards including the NZTA Best Use of Design - International.

Since launching WorkTools, we have primarily worked with four brands in New Zealand.


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